Private SMP

A branch of the NightSky Network

Welcome to the Private SMP

This SMP is application-based only. The goal is to build a community where the players are the ones creating the builds, and pitch the ideas for builds. Starting off with the spawn, we want the entire server to be about the players. Those who join will have the ability to have the say in what the spawn will look like for future players to see. This also includes the build for the arenas. This SMP is a community-based server and promotes a positive environment for all. Join the Discord here!

Here is the link to fill out the form to get started!

Private SMP Application Form

Rules of Engagement

1.) Stealing is not permitted under ANY circumstance. Work for your own loot. Ask permission before taking anything. Crops are exempt from this rule unless planted back. Except, if a sign from the owner is present stating otherwise.

2.) Griefing is not permitted on this server. Griefing includes breaking blocks, taking items from item frames, messing with Redstone, or any form of intentional explosions that destroys another player's property. If a creeper blows something up because of you, fix it.

3.) There is no hate allowed of any kind. Examples being Race, Religion, Disability, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, etc.

4.) PVP is to be on a consensual basis between parties only. This means both parties consent to a set of rules before the match. Arenas are open to PVP. Loot obtained in matches belongs to the one who wins the match or escapes with it.

5.) Mini-modding (pretending to be a staff member or enforcing rules by your own hands) is against our rules. We appreciate the help, but please report it to moderators. We don’t need a vigilante.

6.) Hacks, Cheating, and blacklisted modifications are STRICTLY against our rules. This includes X-ray, block/item duplication hacks, fly-hacking, or bug exploits. Please ask first if you are unsure about using any third-party tools that could potentially be considered cheating.

7.) Do not build on other player builds without permission. Always put a sign on your builds to be safe. Report all who break this rule to staff.

8.) Rules can be updated and changed at any time. Check the Discord to keep up with any updates on any changes in the server.